. Specification


1. Rated Voltage: AC110220V 5060Hz

2. Max. Output: Incandescent lamp 5100W

3. No-load power dissipation: below than 1W

4. Operating: 20 sec / Operating Temperature:-20~60

   (Operating time can be adjusted by customer's request)

5. Operating Range: Within 90° from the center of lens

6. Operting illumination: below than 10Lux

7. KETI Safty Certification No. HH02012-2002A

8. Height: less than 3m

9. Warranty period: 1 year from the manufacturing date

10.When the man moves in operating time, the sensor light

   senses again and works


. How to install


1. Turn off the power.

2. Take out sensor light and separate glass part from the body.

   (by turning it counterclockwise)

3. Connect a black power cable of the sensor light to the electric    power firmly.

   (-4 lines type :connect a black cable to the power,a blue cable

   to the lamp)

4. Check the place of installation exactly, and attach the sensor     light and fix firmly using secrews.

5. Check the operation after inserting the incandescent lamp and     turning on the power.

6. After checking is over, assemble glass part to the body     clockwise. (clean the external face)

KME GSL - 021 Time Sensor

           KME GSL - 019


                           KME SL- 021

. Specification


1. KME-RY022

2. Lux: Day and night control function

3. Time: 5 seconds ~10 minutes control funtion



Night   Day

(24 hour monitoring system)


                        Night Day

                 (It lights up early in the evening and night)               (10Lux or less)


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